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Novum Mare means “a new sea” in Latin. This is why it was chosen by Sarp Kayali for his site name. The Sea is very rich as a life form and proclaims many different forms of beauty. It has an unmatched depth of variety; exactly what Sarp portrays as varieties of beauty.  

Sarp Kayali was born in Istanbul, Turkey, a country rich in culture and home of many empires for thousands of years. Sarp's ancestors came from multi-cultural backgrounds and settled in Turkey. This multi-cultural background influenced Sarp's vision as an artist as he embraced several different mediums.

His love and passion for the arts started at a young age and he spent his younger years studying art and music education in piano. This passion for music expanded into a professional music career; where he released multiple Jazz and Electronic music albums in the United States and toured extensively around the world. 

Sarp studied business at Glamorgan University in the U.K, where he realized his life goal was in fine arts. He studied Visual Communications of the Fine Arts at the American Intercontinental University in Los Angeles, California. He studied under Tom Schorer who was a proponent of Bauhaus Design which greatly influenced his career.  He worked a combined 20 years as an Art Director in Los Angeles and Istanbul.  As part of his accolades, he received design awards for Best Typography of the Year. 

Sarp’s multi-talent in fine arts led to his career in painting where he had exhibitions in both Europe and the United States. In his later years, Sarp developed a love of photography and earned a degree in professional photography, in Winnipeg, Canada under nationally accredited teachers. 

 To add to his multi-talented career as an artist, he designed and built luxurious villas on the Mediterranean Coast.   

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