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  • Sarp Kayali

Art All Around

Have to think what's art. What art stands for? For who and for what ? Who has ability to choose the good or bad ? I believe nearly none of the art dealers. + Sadly most of the artists don't even realize what's real art. Because there are millions of them who copies the famous artworks or keep looping at the point what they have been learned from schools, and instructors . And the others just ordinary people who likes to call their selves artist. Art can't be calculated by time or articles written by smart ass journalists, or how the dealers polish the work. Art is all about creating. What creating stands for then? It stands for doing something that never done before. With straight words "something new". That is what creating is. Otherwise it's a mass production, If we are talking about art, repeating worths nothing ... There are so many artists who are wasting their money and time to find a way to create something. That is really sad. A proper education is a big step to realize art and art history. But by itself will not help to create. Something more needed to fill the cup. Then what's needed? Basically art is all about how the artist realize the facts, life. True artist must have a quite different point of view. Has to breathe the life by a unique way, and breathe back that unique point of view to his/her art. That is a must. That will be the artist's path to create masterpieces. Some artists may called strange by the Society. Some could have hard times to adapt to life. That is not because they are really annoying ,strange or aliens. Just because they see things differently than the others. Maybe sometimes deeper, more colorful and sometimes more dramatic. That so, most of the dealers, art lovers, or others may struggle to realize the true masterpieces, unless work is proven by an other known creative artists. Then dealers will realize worth of the work, and they will start advertising. Basically art is all about how different and unique, the artist's inner self is, + A proper education will be a voice to your artwork. (A word to art lovers; most of the dealers promoting junk for a great amount of money. Do your homework and don't let them fool you...) 📷;)

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